Timeline: 2013 - Present

Project Statement:
Personify is an ongoing series that examines disposed couches as a series of diptychs. While noticing couches discarded in front of houses, I wondered about the owners and their relationship to these objects. Each set intends to draw parallels between the potential psychological state of the owner and the wear and tear of these discarded couches. What caught my interest was the possible reasoning that lead to the removal of a once loved private object and it’s placement into the public sphere as an abandoned thing. The first image documents a wide view of the subject in relationship to its surroundings from the home of which it once belonged. The second image is a detailed view engaging the wear and tear of the object in order to draw relation to how the object was cared for and to offer clues as to why it was abandoned. Viewing these objects has gotten me to have a possible understanding of the previous owners and what kind of people they might’ve been.
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